Clean and Green April 25 2017

Have you always wanted to try a juice cleanse but are intimidated by not eating for several days at a time?  Well, juicing until dinner is the way to go!  Rather you are trying to get ready for bikini season, reset bad eating patterns, or just detoxify your body — Clean and Green is for you.  Even if you choose one day, 5 days, or even 10 - you will feel clear and clean afterwards.  Juicing til dinner is a relatively easy way to maintain health while not sacrificing dinner or family time at night.  
The plan is simple.  Drink 4 juices thought out the day until dinner.   For dinner eat simple, whole, and natural foods.  Fresh steamed vegetables, brown rice and a green salad (no store bought dressing) are good choices.  Do not eat dairy, meats, or caffeine on this cleanse.  Keep portions small.

Spring Cleaning March 17 2014

3 Reasons why a Juice Cleanse is like a “spring cleaning” for your body.

1- Spring cleaning around your house? You may need the energy.  With a juice cleanse, you are detoxing your body by increasing your daily intake of vitamins,

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