Spring Cleaning March 17 2014

3 Reasons why a Juice Cleanse is like a “spring cleaning” for your body.

1- Spring cleaning around your house? You may need the energy.  With a juice cleanse, you are detoxing your body by increasing your daily intake of vitamins, minerals and live enzymes.  Just as you clean out your garage, or plant new flowers, cleaning your insides is even more important.  You will feel re-energized and clean.

2- Many fruits and vegetables are in season.   And when produce is at its peak, you benefit with the more obtainable nutrients and distinct flavors.  Spring is the perfect time to reset your tastebuds, and a juice cleanse will just do that. 

3- Weight loss.  While doing a cleanse, you turn off your body's production of fats and cholesterol, therefore, you may experience some weight loss.    Spring also signals rebirth, a jump start to weight loss may just have you finding a new you!